Thanks to everyone that came to the 2017 Climb for Wilderness! Here’s some of our favourite moments:

20 month old Karina Eustace Wallis, walked up all 1188 steps, one at a time, with the odd break for a treat or a little chat while her mom, Lindsey Wallis and her dad, Kyle Eustace watched carefully and cheered her on.  Grandpa Cliff was nearby too.

Elek Szabo – 98 years young and strong emerges at the top of the 54th floor!

Our bear meeting and taking photos with climbers at the top!

Emma Hergott with proud grandparents Ed and MaryAlice.  Emma raised over $1300 for her climb!

Gord Hobbins of Gord’s Running Store and family and friend David Smith – faithful supporters of Climb for Wilderness.

Two thumbs up from our dear friend and supporter 100 years young Dr. Richard Guy who raised more than $6000 from his friends for his walk up the stairs.

Vanessa and Andrew who flew up the stairs in 10:28!


Abigail Hadden (third from left) and the friends she brought to climb with her.  Abigail has climbed every one of her 8 years and was our top fundraiser in her age category earning more than $1500 for Alberta Wilderness Association.


MLA Dr. David Swann and Vicki Reid of Cenovus welcoming folks to the new event.

8 year old Kailum Melnyk timed himself as he climbed up the stairs, an impressive 8 minutes, 28 seconds!