Why do we climb?

As a new participant or even as a returning climber, you may be wondering what all your fundraising contributes to. When you Climb for Wilderness (C4W), all funds raised go directly towards the Alberta Wilderness Association (AWA). Our focus is on advocating for Alberta’s wild spaces and the wildlife that rely on them. With a committed staff of conservation specialists, volunteers, and board members, we rely on people like you to help protect some of our most treasured spaces and creatures.

What do we protect?

Chinchaga, Parkland Dunes, Castle Wilderness Area, caribou, trout, sage grouse, grizzlies; these are just some of the things that need our help. In the lead-up to the 2018 Climb, keep an eye on this space. We’re going to use it to tell some stories about all the ways your support helps us. These stories will come from our staff of conservation specialists who advocate for these areas all around Alberta. Their intimate knowledge and experience is a valuable resource for all of us to learn from.

Earth Day

C4W is Calgary’s biggest Earth Day event and the only one where you get to enjoy views from the top of one of Calgary’s most spectacular skyscrapers, the Bow. We believe that by teaching people to protect what’s in their own backyard, we open up their eyes to protection worldwide; so take the chance to celebrate and share our love for Alberta’s wild spaces and join us for C4W.

We want to hear from you

If there’s a story close to your heart, we want you to reach out to us. Tell us and all our followers why you’re participating in Climb for Wilderness and why you want people to know. Even better, tell us why you’ve joined the climb or your feelings about AWA and we’ll share your story with our followers. When we all work together and speak as one voice, we are a powerful force in protecting our environment.

How to reach us

E-mail: nschmidt.c4w@abwild.ca