Caribou need our help and your Climb is playing a big role. Over the next few months, we’re going to point out some ways that Climb for Wilderness is helping to protect Alberta’s wildlife and wild spaces.

Caribou Today

Woodland Caribou are a species that were once found in two-thirds of our province but are now at risk of extinction. If you’ve ever had a chance to see them in the wild you know what a sight they are. It would be a tragedy to lose them. In fact, the last herd found in the US by way of BC were recently declared effectively extinct. We can’t let this happen again.

In Alberta there are two species of Woodland Caribou, Mountain and Boreal. We’ve known for decades that over-development has been reducing their habitat to critical levels. Now we’re at a breaking point.

The impressive antlers of bull caribou on display.

A bull in the Tonquin Valley. Credit: C. Campbell

Caribou are iconic creatures and not just because we see them every day on our quarters. They call old growth forest and peat bogs home, eating lichen off trees and finding it through the snow pack during winter. For centuries, they were able to avoid predators due to their amazing adaptation to parts of the forest other prey like moose and deer avoid. But now, this balance has been disturbed.

Healthy Caribou Healthy Communities

We sometimes see habitat and industry as conflicting goals. But with some careful thought and planning, our economy and caribou can co-exist. Seismic line restoration is just one example of how we can create opportunities that benefit both. Companies like Cenovus are leading the way in showing how this is possible and many others are following suit.

By working with community and industry partners, we hope to build on efforts like this. Your climb helps seek solutions for a healthy environment and a healthy economy.

How to Help

If you’d like to do more visit caribou4ever, a website we created with our partners to highlight this special issue. You can send a letter here to ask for the protection of caribou and then share it with your friends to spread your impact further. Still have questions? Visit the Q&A section for some quick facts.