Alberta Wilderness Association’s (AWA) 27th Climb for Wilderness once again exceeded expectations as climbers, volunteers, and supporters filled the stairwells of the iconic Bow Tower, courtesy of venue sponsor, Cenovus Energy Inc. Each step of the way, climbers showed support for wilderness and wildlife at the best Earth Day event in the west! More than 850 participants enjoyed the Earth Day fun.

Money raised for the event will power AWA’s efforts to inspire Albertans to care for and protect Alberta’s spectacular wildlife and wild spaces. Fundraising and donations are $92,000 and counting in support of AWA’s conservation work.

AWA Executive Director Christyann Olson shares her gratitude for every climber that came to the event today. “Earth Day, and this event, is so important because we see people from all ages and walks of life come together to support what we all have in common: our natural areas, wildlife habitat, and the legacy we leave for future generations. This event like so many Earth Day events is all about showing we care,” said Olson. “For 27 years we have depended on the untiring support of many; our 27th event t-shirt proudly recognizes both our corporate supporters as well as the endangered species we work to protect.”

“Whether it is families, or groups of friends, or teams of co-workers, it’s great to see people having fun with the unique challenge of climbing over 1200 stairs.” said Joanna Skrajny, AWA Conservation Specialist.

“The turnout and support is truly motivating,” said Nick Pink, AWA Conservation Specialist. “Many of the participants already know a lot about what we do at AWA but it’s also a great time to see some new faces and tell them a little bit about our work.”