Alberta Wilderness Association’s (AWA) 26th Climb for Wilderness surpassed expectations as climbers, volunteers and supporters filled the stairwells of the iconic Bow Building, courtesy of Cenovus Energy Inc. Each step of the way, climbers showed support for wilderness and wildlife at the best Earth Day event in the west! More than 800 participants from babies in backpacks, to outstanding athletes, seniors, and families enjoyed the Earth Day fun.

Participants from every age and walk of life supported the event today. Two of our young climbers – Abigail, 7, and Emma, 6 – were very successful in fundraising through bottle drives, social media posts, family and friends. Abigail told us, “I have climbed at this event every year, starting in a backpack with my mom.” She added, “It is important that I can hike, find hidden waterfalls and know that wildlife have safe places to live.”  An undeniably wise and inspiring role model is Dr. Richard Guy, who at 100 years young is a faithful supporter and climbed all 1,188 stairs one step at a time. Proceeds for the event are expected to top $80,000 in support of AWA’s conservation work.

AWA Executive Director Christyann Olson shares her gratitude for every climber that came to the event today. “From a child’s wonder to a senior’s wisdom, we know caring for our wild spaces, wildlife habitat and the legacy we leave is vitally important. This event like so many Earth Day events is all about showing we care,” said Olson. “We depend on the untiring support of many; our 26th event t-shirt proudly recognizes both our corporate supporters as well as the endangered species we work to protect.”

“Teams of people representing their company, their family, or their loved ones helped to make the day special and memorable” said Joanna Skrajny, AWA Conservation Specialist. “The stairwells were filled with conversation and the chance to celebrate Wild Alberta. 2017 promises great progress for protection of wild places and safe habitat and the chance to climb the stairs for wilderness once more.”


For more information:

Joanna Skrajny, Conservation Specialist,  AWA    403 483-4683
Christyann Olson, Executive Director, AWA          403 863-2412